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Thread: How to Update a game located on my external HDD?

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    thexnightmare Guest

    How to Update a game located on my external HDD?

    Dear all,

    I made a back up for some games to my external HDD. How can install the update for them?

    Note: I think this is a basic answered question, but I couldn't find it!

    Thx in advance.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    when I start my games they tell me whether there's an update or not as long as PS3 is online I guess, but if not online install the update (all updates install on internal unless patched by backup manager) as PS3 thinks all games are BDROM.

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    thexnightmare Guest
    Sorry, but didn't understood from you how can I do it!

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    bitsbubba Guest
    are your updates .pkg files?

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    thexnightmare Guest
    Yes, I downloaded the updates, and I have them on usb flash memory, and the game on the external hdd.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    just use package install it doesn't matter where the game is the PS3 is going to install all updates on the internal HDD in the game folder, internal or external the PS3 is trick into thinking every game played is the original disk.

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    thexnightmare Guest
    So, in this case, the updates will be installed in the internal HDD and the game still in the external, right?

    if yes, can I then move the updates from the internal to the external HDD?


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    bitsbubba Guest
    I'm thinking no, I believe if that's where the PS3 puts them that's where the PS3 will look for them, if you move them my guess is the game will again ask you to update.

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