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Thread: How to Uninstall PS3 CFW help?

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    projectorfreak Guest

    Wink How to Uninstall PS3 CFW help?

    I have kakarotoks 3.55 cfw and want to know how to uninstall it in case I want to change. System update would not update it because it said I am current. Also can I install geohots cfw as well or do I have to delete one or the other?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    smackedgnome Guest
    if you are having trouble putting ps3 back to OFW just put the update you want on a usb stick with file structure PS3---UPDATE-- then put update here.

    Turn on PS3 and wait till XMB loads hold power button untill it goes red then press and hold it again till you here 3 beeps, you should then have the option to install firmware from the usb stick. Hope this helps

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