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    jeka1981 Guest

    How to unbrick PS3 with nor dump help?

    My friend just bricked his PS3. I downgraded his PS3 about 3months with Rogero v3.1 and he wanted 4 days ago to install Rebug firmware to connect to PSN. Of course i told him not to change the firmware, but he did (he wanted to install OFW 3.55 and Rebug..).

    And the result - YLOD. After 2 days of experiments and reading all internet i failed to boot PS3 without PA0 nor tristate solder. PS3 boots normal with PA0 nor tristate solder but without it result - black screen. Today morning i made an experiment (unbelivebable simple) and PS3 booted without soldered PA0 nor tristate to E3 flasher.

    After that i did the normal downgrade to ROGERO CFW 3.1 !!!

    P.S.: I had only his 4.0 backup (he told me after i did it ) and he bricked his PS3 on installing OFW 3.55 !!! I am from Moldova and i will tell you how to unbrick PS3, only if you have a nor backup. With this method you can unbrick multiple PS3 with one E3 flasher only if you have a nor dump extracted before !!!

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    technodon Guest
    if you have a good 4.00 nor dump you can change it to 3.55 coreOS you need to manually patch your nor backup in a hex editor with the patches on the ps3 dev wiki. patch1.REV & rvk-040000.REV at offsets 0C0010 & 7C0010 & 40000 check that your modified nor dump works by extracting it with flowrebuilder then solder the nor tristate again and flash the console with the first switch in the up position then all other switches should be down after you flashed the nor put the first switch down and boot the console.

    no need to remove the tristate wire! or just upload your nor backup to a filesharing website and i will patch it for you.

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    jeka1981 Guest
    I unbricked it without any hex editor. It was very simple. I will write later how i did it

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