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    Jan 2011

    How to transfer from PC to external HD?

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry if this has been answered a lot (i have a feeling it may have been) - i searched around, but seems the answer is to transfer to Internal.

    How do you transfer PS3 games to your external Drive. Is it as simple as plugging in your external Drive to your pc by USB, and copying it over?

    If i look at the games on my external through my PC - all the folders in the root have weird names...

    How do i go about doing this? Thanks a ton!

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    Apr 2005
    Yes, it actually is. Depends what manager you use, but usually you would stick it on your external drive in a few specific folders, ie /GAMEZ/BLES00001/ or whatnot.

    However, the drive must be formatted FAT32 for it to work, and the game must also work via an external drive (some don't).

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    Dec 2010
    also there can only be one partition on the drive.

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    Apr 2009
    don't forget you must jailbreak your console first.

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    Jan 2011
    For information on how to jailbreak your console, please check the front page. It should not take you much time to do so.

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