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    This happens with all games, or some in paticular? i actually don't think is the br drive, things like this happen to me once.

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    Yes it happens with all my games. What was your experience and how did you fix it?

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    I have a similar issue with games like assassins creed 2 , fallout 3 and fallout new vegas for example. In a moment the ps3 memory cache gets full and you will see a slowdown in game and a later crash (that hapend to me) and was fixed by updates, in other cases a re-install of the game solved , other cases was related to change the original HD for a higer one, i don't know what is exact your problem is, but that is my experience.

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    Hey violentcris, what you said about changing the original hard drive to a bigger one caught my attention, since about a month ago I upgraded my ps3 60gb to a 500GB do you think this might be a part of the problem? How did you fix your ps3 when it did it?

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    You know man know people with that issue (i don't have the hdd problem) over here are guys that make that job they exchange your HD and if any issue they take care, the only problem i have is a bad install.

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    OK thanks for your help, I'm searching online for a laser or the whole blu-ray drive if I can get a good deal online.

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    I would just get the whole blu ray drive, it's a bit more expensive but easier to install.

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    That's what I was thinking too it seems less stressful and I know I can do it myself. Would you happen to know of a good place online to buy it from?

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    Other than eBay, I don't . Also make sure the Blu ray drive is the right one for your PS3.

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    I found a place that's charging $100 to replace the entire blu-ray drive with a new one and they offer a 90 day warranty. Also the guy told me it would be done in 2-3 hours while other shops have to keep it for days. I figured I'll take it there since most blu ray drives i've seen online cost between $80-$100 and I would have to wait for a week to get it. I'll let you guys know how it turns thanks for everything!

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