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Thread: How to share my PSN games help?

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    wizardfingers Guest

    Confused How to share my PSN games help?

    Hey haven't been following up on the "How to's" of stuff I tried looking around for a guide that can show me what I'll be asking, and that is "How to share my games" Current games I have:

    Stacking (Full)
    DiggerHD (Full) But expired.
    Tales from Space: About a Blob (Demo)
    Joe Danger (Full)

    Hope someone can be of help.

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    moja Guest
    I'll answer this as legally as possible. In order to access your PSN games on another system, you must access your account on that system by logging into PSN, then re-download them under your account. I have read that some games, however, can't be shared. Hope this helps.

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    wizardfingers Guest
    I see, thank you for answering my question as legally as possible and not giving an illegal answer because that's exactly what I didn't want. Thank you, I'm getting a hint that this kind of talk isn't allowed so I will look elsewhere.

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    Just an FYI... we have a lot of older threads on PSN gamesharing here but these days most of it is of no use and the few titles that can be shared up to 5 times are usually done in more private/trusted circles so that each user's PSN account info isn't compromised etc.

    I have no problem if a bunch of users wanted to start a gamesharing group in the BST area (for Trading) but it would be at your own risk.

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