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Thread: How to set up PS3 with a mac help?

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    dazboy12 Guest

    Wink How to set up PS3 with a mac help?

    I'm looking for some help with setting up my ps3 so i can download game and play them. i have one of the first models of the ps3 and i have a macbook pro. i have never done any thing to my ps3 so its a fresh start.

    all the help i can get will be a appreciated. or point me in the rite direction like videos are nice to follow.

    thank you dazboy12

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    Liongooder Guest
    First you need to make sure your OFW is 3.55 or lower then upgrade to either Rebug 4.41.2 or Rogero 4.41 both are fine.

    Now about downloading games, before you do that you need to get an external HDD

    WD Elements or My Passport if you have PS3 FAT(the old model)

    Use any partition program like SwissKnife or EAUSUS to format your External HDD from NTFS to FAT32
    Then create a folder in the root of the HDD & rename it to GAMES or GAMEZ
    Now download game backups from any website or any host you prefer.

    Have a nice day.

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    dazboy12 Guest
    the System software version 4.41 is what i have. And I have an external hard drive which is 500 GB. I might be being thick is there a process on need to go through to do this? and where can I get all this from?. I no im being a pain in the arse with all this but any help will be appreciated.

    i'm new to all this so i need a jailbreak for dummies. its was nice of you to take your time to post back to me liongooder it has give me some idea what to do

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    Liongooder Guest
    Since you mentioned its from the first models, which one of these is your PS3 model?

    CECHAxx,CECHBxx,CECHCxx,CECHExx,CECHGxx,CECHHxx & so on in an alphabetical order.

    because you'll need to downgrade, depending on your model you may downgrade using progskeet or a hardware flasher.

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    dazboy12 Guest
    mine is CECHK 03. i'm ready to do what ever it takes to get this done. I've got the time to do it

    so if I'm told start to Finnish with help i can do it. that you for the help so far

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    Mahadewa Guest
    If your OFW is 3.55 or lower, you can play back up games. But if your OFW is 3.56 or above you must downgrade it. But you must sure that your console is not a 3xxx and 4xxx model series. people says this console series can play back up game with some component (like modchip in PS2), I hope its true.

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    Liongooder Guest
    CECHK03 80Gbs NOR, check your system firmware if its 3.55 or lower then yes you can only install a CFW & play game backups

    if its 3.56 or higher then you'll need a hardware flasher to downgrade to 3.55 then install a CFW.

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