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Thread: how to revive ps3 help me?

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    drele33 Guest

    Question how to revive ps3 help me?

    my ps3 turns off after 20 sec, because I wanted to downgrade FW 3:56 made it possible to fix.

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    Osirisx Guest
    you can't downgrade from 3.56 sorry but until a way to get MFW you're probably out of luck.

    you could try and get it re flowed with a IR reflow oven or heatgun, imo the IR oven would be better.

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    dyceast Guest
    Did you try to boot it into service mode using the 3.55 downgrade files or something?

    I'm sure i read, that once you get into service mode, you cannot exit it with 3.56... Cant remember if that was 3.56 or 3.55 before the downgrade files were released though.

    Or you could just have YLOD..

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    drele33 Guest
    The problem is that you can not learn in recovery mode, how else can give rest ps3... and I am sure that it is not YLOD.

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    madmax69 Guest
    Does anything come on the screen before it switches off ?

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    drele33 Guest
    no nothing, and can not get into Safe Mode.

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    severusx Guest
    How old is it? Is it still under warranty? Have you tried a video reset? Boot up the PS3 by holding down the power button. Continue holding until you hear a beep. Release the button after the beep and let us know what you see.

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    dyceast Guest
    I remember this happened to me once, with 3.50 Downgrade... I didnt quite understand the service mode jig... I found out my problem was I had both video (AV) and HDMI hooked up). After booting the jig it would just give me a black screen and then turn off after so much seconds...

    I pulled out the AV cable because i had already done the jig with HDMI..., and then do a couple of hard reset's (Holding down the Power button like suggested above) Then eventually it came back on...

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    DaMiGe Guest

    Exclamation PS3 Reflow/Reflux/Reball Issues

    I've recently recieved many inquiries about problems occurring after people have attempted to repair their own PS3 systems. The most common problem I keep hearing about is that after successfully restoring their PS3's functionality, they notice that the fan speed seems to rev or is constantly on high, moreso than before repairing the unit/s.

    I have isolated that the most common reason for this is heat sink/thermal pad damage, loss, or offset placement upon reassembling the board with its case. There are numbers of little pads for various chips on the main board in different arrangements depending on the model. The heat sink pads can easily fall right off and many people don't even realize that they've lost them.

    Also, during a heatgun reflow, many people are damaging pads that should be removed before heat is applied, creating holes, etc, having a similar effect to not having the pad/s at all. These pads are vital for the system to function correctly, maintaining constant temperature so as not to YLOD again. As many have found out, the seemingly repaired PS3 unit will always fail if these pads are not placed correctly.

    The key indicator for incorrect pad placement is the obvious, quickly increasing fan speed, as the system is trying to compensate for bad heat sink contacts, leading to various overheating issues which sensors are reporting.

    I don't recommend attempting a PS3 repair to anyone without the proper understanding of internal computer circuitry. Murphy's Law always seems to make things worse when the proper attention is not given to vital elements of such a complex machine.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    actually for me the most common problem I see is they've bent the copper cooling pipes holding the heat-sinks in place (thermal paste sometimes puts up a fight I guess) so the pressure isn't applied evenly correctly when the board is reassembled.

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