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Thread: How to Recover game saves from YLOD PS3 HDD?

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    GMFarmer Guest

    How to Recover game saves from YLOD PS3 HDD?

    ok so my 60GB PS3 crashed about 2 years ago... fixed the ylod twice and kicked the bucket on the 3rd. I've search then, how to recover my game saves from the HDD and was told I couldn't since its encrypted when acessing it on my PC.

    Now I haven't checked again since the whole Jailbreak and CFW thing started and seen lots of apps but I'm still confused if this still can be done, so... Is it still not possible to recover my saves?

    If not, What can I do? If its impossible ATM, do we have any chance in the future?


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    barrybarryk Guest
    no its not possible now, and highly unlikely in the future since the playstation that encrypted it is dead.. there's nothing you can do.

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