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Thread: How to put PS3 DLC onto a usb flash drive help?

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    minato lover Guest

    How to put PS3 DLC onto a usb flash drive help?

    I know that this question may be asked before , but i am tired of searching page after another.

    I am trying to put my Naruto storm DLC that i've downloaded from here into a USB flash drive cause I've searched the PlayStation store but i didn't find it of course because it is an old game.

    i hope someone can answer me cause i am really waiting to see the DLC.

    NOTE: if anyone have another way that i can download the DLC from ps3 tell me.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    DLC content usually needs to be activated via the PS store. if your ps3 is not jailbroken there is no way to install. if it is then you cannot access the store for activation. hope that helps.

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    minato lover Guest
    aha , so is there a way that i can jailbreak it myself and if there was then can you please explain it to me or give me a guide or something like that ?

    by the way my DLC is free cause it is "OLD"

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    TheShroomster Guest
    What firmware are you on? and just because the dlc is old doesnt mean its free.

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    minato lover Guest
    My firmware is 3.66 , hope there is a jailbreak for this firmware and if there was not one made yet then explain to me how to downgrade it.

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    crud26 Guest
    At present there is no known jailbreak for 3.66 firmware nor is there any means to downgrade! You may just have to wait it out until someone releases an exploit for your firmware.

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    severusx Guest
    There is no jailbreak for 3.66, but you can downgrade it using a NAND flasher like Infectus or the new Teensy++ 2.0 method. This is a very advanced procedure though, so if you are not very familiar with soldering and NAND flashing I wouldn't recommend it.

    As far as your DLC goes, even free DLC has to be activated via the PSN store so if you can't find it on there then you can't install it. Sorry.

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