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Thread: how to PS3 safe networking?

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    sdlaurin Guest

    how to PS3 safe networking?

    Hi, I got my ps3 wired into the router. I want to be able to ftp to my ps3 quickly from a pc on the same router. I also want to ps3 to be able to access to net (not psn) safely and without it phoning home. If I do end up multiplaying I was use xlink.

    could anyone help me set up this network?

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    Realee Guest
    Basic setup for this is to set the IP address of your PS3 manually.

    Use an IP address in the same range of your computer (Typically with the same subnet (Typically and make up the default gateway (Example:

    That will stop the PS3 being on the internet but still be able to access local network.

    So far that's been working for me - I can use items from my NAS and still not access the internet.

    NOTE: This will also stop automatic game updates so you will need to use one of the many available game updaters from your PC.

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    daveshooter Guest
    On some routers you can lock any or all ports out, if you wish to have your PS3 on you LAN but not your wan, then like Realee said above give your PS3 a dynamic IP address, so if you need to open a port for a game or ftp. you only need two ports pointed to the PS3, making it firewall safe.

    Something to remember when you give yourself a dynamic IP address don't give it in the same range as what you dhcp server dose.

    What I mean is if you router IP address is gives a IP address of to your LAN, then you must set your dynamic IP on your PS3 to or below, but not using So don't give it a IP in the range to which the router allocates.

    What make and model is your router?

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    sdlaurin Guest
    it's a belkin F5D8236-4 v2.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Its a good router, i like being able to change the router mac address, like you can on yours, so after a change and a reset you have a new IP address.

    It says: To restrict Internet access to a single computer for example, enter the IP address of the computer you wish to restrict access to in the IP fields (1). Next, enter “80” in both the port fields (2). Select “Both” (3). Select “Block” (4). You can also select “Always” to block access all of the time. Select the day to start on top (5), the time to start on top (6), the day to end on the bottom (7), and the time to stop (8) on the bottom. Select “Enable” (9). Click “Apply Changes”. The computer at the IP address you specified will now be blocked from Internet access at the times you specified. Note: Be sure you have selected the correct time zone under “Utilities> System Settings> Time Zone”.

    so change you ps3 ip to
    gateway ( same as ps3)

    So rather than putting port 80 like it says above put start port 1 and end port 65534, locking all ports out and then pointing to your ps3 ip address.

    If you wish port 21 open, remove the old range and add 2 more ranges.
    start 1 end 20
    start 22 end 65534 and that will leave port 21 open for ftp.

    Very important block port 1900. Its the media port that uses pnp, to connect to media servers both ways, so you don't want that on you wan.

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    sdlaurin Guest
    ya man that's the one, thanks for the info I will give it a go.

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