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    How to play PS3 games that require 3.70 help?

    Just wondering how do we play games on 3.55 that require 3.70 firmware???

    Thank You

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    Oct 2012
    currently the only way to play games above 3.55 would be with the many eboots available or convert to dex which is far from easy. and an update must be available to play the games on dex.

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    Most games are playable on DEX regardless their FW

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    Many 3.55+ games have a fix. Duplex and n0drm made many fixes for 3.55+ the game id if it has a fix. duplex fixes are just replace eboot.bin and param.sfo in games/blxxxxx/ps3_game/(param.sfo here)usdir/(eboot.bin here).

    N0drm fixes are install update .pkg they provided in their nfo then replace eboot and param.sfo given in dev_hdd0/game/blxxxxx/ps3_game/(param.sfo here)/usdir/(eboot.bin here)

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    You guys lost me. I'm a noob and it sound very confusing. I wanted to backup MW3?? That requires 3.70 right???

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    ok put your mw3 disk in the ps3 and use multiman to back it up. i believe there is a fix available somewhere on this site.

    hope this helps.

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    Ok. I will give it a try. Thats awesome if it works.

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