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    How to play PAL PS2 games on NTSC PS3?

    Ok I need some help here, I imported a cecha01 ps3 and I was fully aware that it was region locked to ntsc ps2 games but I need to know badly. I am running out of options as I have changed the region via rebug cfw in debug settings (didn't work), tried changing x-registry settings (didn't work), tried changing idps target ID from 0x84 (which is USA) to 0x89 (which is AUS) still didn't work.

    I can't find any other method that would actually work. The last possible method I could try is maybe swapping and remarry the blu-ray drive to a spare pal 60gb I have (has ylod but blu-ray drive works fine).

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    By converting them to PS2 classics will work.

    I have played PAL Rugby League 2 on my NTSC PS3 and it works fine. Funny could never get that game to work on a NSTC PS2 in the day, but now it works on PS3 lol.

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