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Thread: how to play 3.60+ games on 3.55 kmeaw ps3 help?

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    Shadowstitch Guest

    how to play 3.60+ games on 3.55 kmeaw ps3 help?

    i haven't been on the ps3 scene for a while and i want to know how to play games like ssx do i just use the hacked eboot and sfo files and it should work or is there some other stuff i gotta do thanks!

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    windrider42 Guest
    Some games will have different instructions with them. For the most part it may be just replacing eboot.bin

    For ssx look here:

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    if you want to play games which are 3.60+ you must download the decrypted eboot.bin. In most of the 3.60+ games you need to replace
    eboot. Patches released by N0drm group are are install a game patch then replace eboot and param.for example (1)install patch 1.XX for BLXXXXX. (2)replace eboot given in dev_hddo/game/BLXXXXX. i hope it helps.

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