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Thread: How much thermal paste to use help?

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    dekaspace Guest

    How much thermal paste to use help?

    Ok my ps3 was working but the blu ray dead so I decided to give the unit a good clean and replace paste when checking the drive. the unit when put back together but with top of case off powers on green for a few seconds then fan kicks in and it goes to red, it doesnt go yellow at any point so I assume its more the heat not transferring?

    I use mx-4 paste, put a layer on the heatspreaders but not on the part where the fan attaches to.

    I did this on another console a while back and noticed that the paste was just on the heatspreader on the chips and not on the part that screws together with the fan, so do you think I should put a drop on there too?

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    racer0018 Guest
    There is two spots where the thermal paste is. There is two spots, one where the heat sink for the fan touch the heats sinks for the chips and the other is under where the heat sinks sits on the chips. These are glued down with apoxy. Read up on removing heat sinks from the ps3 and you will see what I mean. I replace in both places and apply new thermal paste as well as apoxy. Thanks.

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    dekaspace Guest
    I already knew that but thanks anyway. I didnt want to risk damaging the chip as had problems removing the heatspreaders on old console before.

    I put some paste on the metal plate that screws in and a drop in middle for pressure spreading and now it works fine.

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