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Thread: How much GB internally can the PS3 handle?

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    razor1993 Guest

    How much GB internally can the PS3 handle?

    i think to buy an adapter for the PS3 thats make it possible to use 3.5 big HDDs as Internal harddrive but the Hard drive is outstanded!

    so i think to buy a 2 TB hdd. and im heard somewhere thats the PS3 canot handle 2TB becouse its hanging if i format the drive with the PS3. is this right? or is there any Compatiebel 2TB harddrives that i can buy??

    Thx all!

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    mortenfort Guest
    If your hd is compatible then it should work, for a quick reference check your old ps3 hard drive and try to buy one with same settings

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    Mumps Guest
    I'm waiting for the adapter (5 of them for $4.99) and have a 1TB drive waiting right here, I remember reading somewhere 1TB was the max supported by the latest firmware (3.41 it is). I don't know if Sony upped the max in 3.50 but I guess that doesn't matter right?

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    razor1993 Guest
    so you mean the matter why 2 TB is not working is because the Firmware dont support it?

    because i think thats just the Hard drive is incompatible. is there anybody who can use 2TB on his ps3? or 1.5TB?

    Thx all!

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    releasedakraken Guest
    I tried a western digital 2TB hooked to the internal serial port and a SATA to E-SATA cable. It doesn't work. The PS3 will boot initially and ask to format the drive.

    After formatting and restarting, you'll get a black screen as if the PS3 can't initialize the drive. I read that 1.5TB doesn't work either.

    1TB does work fine though.

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    SaveU Guest
    At this time, the ps3 can only handle up to 1tb internally.

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