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Thread: How much does an external cooler help?

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    saito1234 Guest

    How much does an external cooler help?

    Does external coolers really help to keep the PS3 cool?

    Is there anyone who tried it with an external cooler, and without it, while measuring the temperatures in MultiMan, or Iris Manager, to see the difference?

    Also, there are different kind of coolers, which blow in the cool air from the front, or from the side, which could be better?

    As far as I understand it isn't a good idea to use the cooler from the PS3's USB port, because it increases the power usage, but I could connect it to the PC's USB port, if that helps.

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    MCMXCIX Guest
    It depends on how well your fan works, and what games you're playing. Some games are more intensive, and some models have weaker fans. If you're experiencing overheating, then go for it.

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    stompe Guest
    Firstly, external coolers are usually loud.. adding twice as much noise when tacked onto your system. Case and point my Xbox 360 sounds like a lawn mower now thanks to a thirdparty cooler. Really ruins the gaming experience as u get distracted from it! Secondly, external coolers usually drop the overall system temperature by a 2-3 degrees. Not a big significance if you already live in a cool and ventilated area. my 2cents.


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    Magatsu Guest
    It not helping at all

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    misiozol Guest
    Absolutely pointless spend of money, better to pay for good cleaning service and good thermal compound and change it regularly so temp stay nice and low and same with cleaning do it regularly with compressed air

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    Kenshindono Guest
    you should use something like a cooler master for your ps3.

    I'm using this model and the temperature dropped, less noise, the speed of the fan stay on medium level on my FAT ps3.

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