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    [UnAnswered] How many times has your PS3 frozen?

    My PS3 freezes once in awhile, not a very frequent thing but it freeze and it kinda piss me off. Sometimes it's only the graphics that's frozen. Having said that, I can still hear background sound, and in fact, I can still navigate it without seeing the screen - I can power off the ps3 from the controller. So far my ps3 had frozen about 4 times since I bought it in december...almost once every month. I'm wondering if there's a fix for it.
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    mine's frozen three times, twice while playing the f1 demo and once in resistance, and in resistance just the video froze for me too. on mine if you load a game and hold the ps button down to go to the menu too quickly it'll freeze it every time...but it's fine if i just dont' do that

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    did you guys upgrade the ps3? I haven't had any lockup I'm running ver. 1.02 still.

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    I've had about 2 lockups, cant remember the symptoms though. I've had my 360 quite a while longer and I've had 10-12 lockups on that.

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    On one of my ps3's I've had probably over 100, it freezes every 5 mins or so. On my second one I've had 2 in like 50+ hours.

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    I haven't had any lock ups. except for on linux, but that should happen anyways since i'm messing with bunches of stuff.

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    May 2005

    My ps3 froze its 4th time earlier just now before I posted this thread. I was playing ridge racer and when I got a new car, it just froze and I could still quit the game as I have mentioned ealier. I can't recally if I was pressing the buttons quickly hoping to get pass those screen. I'm wondering if the heatsink on the VGA chip is not properly sealed with heatsink compound...or it just doesnt quite like quick response when processing stuff. Gotta do more test and figure out the symtopm.

    edit: I doubt it has anything to do with the firmware, mine is 1.31.

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    Mine froze twice on me. Once after finishing a race in the Motorstorm demo and once after trying to exit a loading game too fast. I wish Sony would give us a way to prevent the disk in the drive from loading at boot. Also, my firmware is 1.51.

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    Mine freezes in the same play everytime when playing reservoir dogs at around the 41 minute mark, it freezes for about 5 seconds and then continues, maybe an authoring issue with the disc.

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    There is a way to stop the disc from loading on boot, press your PS button to turn on your PS3 and when the orchestra plays and you see the waves just hold up on the controller. The icon will scroll to the top of the screen and the game will not boot.

    I do this a lot as I leave my resistance game in my ps3 24/7 and I play demos alot.

    Hope this helps.


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