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    alexkiddinoz Guest

    Confused How many FAT32 Partitions Ps3 Can Detect ?


    I am trying to have all my backups on the one USB 500gb drive but FAT32 only goes to 32gb, if i was to make 10 x 32gb Partitions would the ps3/multman detect all partitions.


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    xpa12 Guest
    Hi there, Fat32 goes past 32GB but you may need a separate Format partitioner tool such as this one: en.kioskea.net/download/download-127-hp-usb-disk-storage-format-tool

    Then you don't need multiple partitions

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    alexkiddinoz Guest
    Excellent. I don't have my PS3 here just setting up my drive for when it gets back. Will the PS3 recognise the drive OK, Do you use this format with your PS3 ?

    I want to partition a 500gb into a 300gb FAT32 for PS3 and a 200GB WBFS for my Wii.


    Quote Originally Posted by xpa12 View Post
    Hi there, Fat32 goes past 32GB but you may need a separate Format partitioner tool such as this one
    The HP program i just tried wants to partition the entire 500gb to 1 drive and then i get a access error ( i run in Admin but no luck)

    I want 3 partitions

    1- 250gb - FAT32 - PS3 - Play Backups from this drive
    2- 100gb - NTFS - PS3 - Files large then 4gb for transfer to Internal
    3- 150gb - WBFS - WII - For my Wii backups

    If i can do this i can swap and play drives between consoles.

    Any other ideas....


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    xpa12 Guest
    Oh ok i thought it was just the one FAT32 partition you were after.

    For multiple partitions like that i always use a program called Paragon Partition Manager 9.

    It allows you to choose the size of each partition and also the format. I dont know if there is a free or trial version as mine is the paid version.
    Also i am not sure if you will have problems with the consoles, primarily the wii console, finding the 3rd partition after the first 2 that are not WBFS - i dont know as ive never tried it.

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