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Thread: How to make CFW work on broken Blu-ray drive help?

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    robbh1 Guest

    How to make CFW work on broken Blu-ray drive help?

    Hi guys & gals..! I have tried & tried & tried over & over & over again to create a CFW to get my PS3 CECHC03 out of the damn update loop. I've tried replacing, cleaning & swapping out a new (verified working) drives, button batteries, ribbons & other components in this thing & its still doing the same loop over & over..!

    I have even gone as far as taking my own PS3 apart and swapping parts to ensure they work. SO ANNOYING! I was just hoping & wondering if anybody has a CFW ALREADY COMPILED or the EASIEST instructions on what i need, (extra software), about how to use PS3MFW Builder software...?

    I have also formatted SATA's of various gb's but to no avail unfortunately..! Any help on this problem would be highly appreciated... Thanx in advance!

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    niwakun Guest
    Use the CFW with a BD bypass patch, 4.xx REX/Rebug firmwares had that feature so there wont any problems to install it. But I recommend at least get a working BD drive unit and remarry it, since without the BD Drive you cant do anything on except listening to music or watching videos.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Also rogero Cfw don't check for the drives. Thanks.

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    JeoWay Guest
    MFW Builder has the option to enable and disable the check

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