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Thread: how to load kboot and the OS from usb blu ray disabled?

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    will3i Guest

    how to load kboot and the OS from usb blu ray disabled?

    Can anyone give me a hand in this? i am trying to set up some PS3 with linux on them, but the blu ray doesn't work. I can only do it from the usb but don't know how. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well to start, what linux distro are you planning on using? Furthermore, is just the laser gone, or is the entire drive missing?

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    scph2cech Guest
    i have the same problem. but i search around and find out that you can only load the installer from usb (i was trying yellowdog installation, the ydl linux packages have to be install from other source like ftp or http or disc.

    i also found that there is a GUI bootloader for otheros, search for petitboot or pdaXrom-ng-otheros, it just easier to use..imo.

    read here for more:

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    will3i Guest
    I am running ubuntu 10.04. The drive is there and connected, the lens is still there it will not read from the disc. Any suggestions?

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