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Thread: how to launch split games?

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    eljo28 Guest

    how to launch split games?

    ok im using open manager to split my game dynasty warrior i was following this guide (, i will show you what ive done as it says on that link this is first what i saw, the game is dynasty warriors 7 why does it says no contain 4b, but on ps3 when i tried to play it , it says you cannot launch split games. next thing i saw is this this is not what i saw to this guys tutorial.

    pls help i really wanted to play dynasty warriors 7, and my dad really trusted open manager so i can't change it to multiman, besides it says i can use open manager.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The game is already split. Transfer it to the PS3s Internal HDD using Open manager and it should re-join.

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