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    elcaves Guest

    How to know if Blu ray drive belongs to the console?

    Hello, I have am 80gb CECHE PS3 but it doesn’t detect the Blu ray drive. I installed the 3.55 CFW but it gave me the loop error code so I thought is a bad blu ray board, I looked for a 3.55 BDB and installed it.

    My question is how can I know if the blu ray drive is death or it just not belong to this motherboard and I need to re-marry it?


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    metzen Guest

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    If you are getting the update loop error you will need to download a modded CFW without the Blu ray check option. Search for ps3mfw builder. Once you have updated successfully you will then need to test your bluray drive. Try your original bluray board and see if it detects your game.

    If it does not I suggest you follow the instructions from this link: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...-118548-6.html

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