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    How to jb PS3 slim FW 4.11 CECH 2004A help?

    Hello everyone.

    I am new in this forum and I would like to obtain na information. I can buy ps3 Slim 120Gb it has the Firmware 4.11 but is CECH 2004A. The PS3 has never been hacked/modded. Is there any chance that I can put some CFW on it using just software solutions?

    Ok, so after 11 hours of looking i found that I cant do this without a hardware downgrade to 3.55. So i need to find the console that has any cfw or the one with OFW no higher that 3.55 is this correct?

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    correct (you need one with a cfw already or one with no ofw higher than 3.55)

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