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    eljo28 Guest

    How to jailbreak udraw studio instant artist help?

    i just bought this game and when i tried to play it.. it says i need to update to newer version. so what i did i tried to play it on multiman but it says i need to change it to param .sfo 3.41?

    i don't know what to do? i don't even know what param.sfo suppose to do..

    pls help.. if you know how to jailbreak this game.

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    Natepig Guest
    Just go ahead and let multiman change the param .sfo to 3.41. It won't affect the retail disc you have bought so there is no risk. I tried to look briefly but couldn't find what firmware the game requires. What does it ask you to update to if you run the disc from the xmb?

    Edit: I just noticed the game was released last month so its not very likely to work.

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    eljo28 Guest
    it says my version of ps3 is 3.55, to start, i must update to version 3.72 or later.

    and.. i change the param.sfo to 3.41 but it still didn't work.. even tried it with a cd..

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    Natepig Guest
    Looks like its not going to work unless it gets a fix or a newer cfw gets released, don't hold your breath for either though

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    eljo28 Guest
    ok cool.. thnx

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