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Thread: How to jailbreak PS3 OFW 4.41 help?

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    mlnhk Guest

    How to jailbreak PS3 OFW 4.41 help?

    hi guys,

    I am searching for it and cant find my answer. I have an ps3 which i don't use a lot. So i was thinking why not jailbreak it. After long searching and a lot of surveys later. i came here.

    my question is : how to jailbreak an PS3 OFW 4.41 ? what do i need?

    I really hope someone can help me. Sorry for my bad english i'm from holland.

    Greetings Mlnhk

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    TrustY Guest
    First you have to see if it can be downgraded. Then your going to need a hardware flasher to downgrade the Playstation 3 back to 3.55

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    mlnhk Guest
    It's was the first phat PS3 so i think it downgradable.

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    TrustY Guest
    Do a search for the e3.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I would find someone to do it for you cause if you don't get the dump just right and don't verify it your ps3 will be lost forever. But if you do decide to do it yourself send me the link to your dump and I will verify for it and make sure it is good before you write anything back to the ps3.

    Also the e3 will only work on nor ps3s, it will not work on anything other then those. If you have a nand ps3 you will need the progskeet or the teensy as the e3 doesn't write to these systems. Thanks.

    So it comes down to model numbers. If you have Cecha01 to cechg01 it is a nand. Anything else it is a nor ps3. Also if it is a 3000 or a 4000 model it can't be downgraded. Run this to see if it can be downgraded.


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    mlnhk Guest
    60GB CECHC04 - Fat OFW 1.0 (Max. Downgrade) if i'm right this is mine model number.

    What do i have to do now ? please help me i really want it jailbroken haha


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    Guys we do not allow "where to buy" here sorry.

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