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    vjsharma25 Guest

    How to jailbreak PS3 and install MultiMAN help?

    I am new to the PS3 jailbreak techniques and researching about it since couple of days but bit confused with all the information. So I'll try to present my problem. Requirement in clear terms so that there is no confusion in what I am trying to ask.

    I have a PS3 system which I bought in Jan 11 from US. It was not used since last week after initial enthusiasm for about 15 days. I upgraded it to 4.60 without knowing that I may have to downgrade it for playing downloaded games. I have checked the "PS3 base version" with a utility "MinVerChk" available on the internet (ps4news.com).

    After executing this I got the message "Update data of version 3.50 or higher can be installed on this system". I believe that If I downgrade my PS3 to 3.55 or lower I'll be able to jailbreak it.

    Now my questions are below:

    1. How to downgrade the PS3 from updated 4.60 to 3.55 or lower. Will there be any loss of functionality if I do so?
    2. I think that multiMan can be installed only on jailbreaked system? I am not clear about this statement, please confirm.

    Please answer me so that I can also enjoy the downloaded games as most of you are enjoying

    Thanks a lot in advance for your expected support.

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    misiozol Guest
    1. You need hardware flasher or you can find a downgrade service
    2. yes it can only be installed on CFW

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    vjsharma25 Guest
    Do I really need a H/W flash to downgrade it to 3.55?? Its base firmware version was <3.55 but I upgraded it to 4.60. Still you need those scary H/W things to downgrade. That's quite disheartening.

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    misiozol Guest
    Next time you'll think twice before you do update , unfortunately no other way only hardware flasher.

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