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Thread: How to install PS3 downloadable content pkg files?

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    liamdonnelly Guest

    How to install PS3 downloadable content pkg files?

    I used multimans file explorer (whatever it's called) to find my pkg files on my external hdd, then I double clicked them (the dlc and the fix) and it exited out to the xmb and they appeared to of installed fine. However when I go into the skyrim game, it says on the skyirm main menu that I don't have any dlc installed. I've tried installing the game on the internal hdd (I have the disk) and then tried loading it up like that, but it didn't work . Anything else I can try?

    I'm trying to install skyrim's dawngaurd by the way.

    Any help at all would be amazing!

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    jensen76 Guest
    did you update the game with newest update also?

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    liamdonnelly Guest

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    Azrial Guest
    Correct region DLC?

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    liamdonnelly Guest
    Pretty sure.. I'm going to try another download and see if that works. Does it matter where I place the dlc on the external hdd?

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    jensen76 Guest
    the dlc pkg goes in the root of the hdd and then install them true install packet file... first the newest update then dlc then fix if any...

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    liamdonnelly Guest
    thanks a lot brb. i'll go try it btw i'm typing with 1 hand eating somethin lol.

    Thanks a lot for your help so far. Sadly, it still didn't work. I noticed the file was a blus file so I changed it from blus to bles and changed the code to the same one as the skyrim game code.

    Here are some pics of my external hdd: -a picture of the root of the external hdd - a picture of the file names before I changed them. - The bles code for eu skyrim? (I'm not sure 100% if this is right).

    Is there anything else I can show you that might help? Still need help

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    Azrial Guest
    I don't think just changing the region code like that works, unless the fix is multi region, then you need to install it, and use a ftp program or Multiman to move the UsrDir from the BLUS folder to the BLES folder, but if it's not a multi region fix, then the DLC won't work.

    1. Install Patch Update BLES
    2. Install BLUS DLC and DLC PACK FIX.
    3. Copy DLC folder USRDIR from BLUS to BLES: /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30778/ to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES01329/
    4. Delete empty BLUS DLC folder.
    5. Go to your game settings in MM and run "fix permission" once. This will sync game and dlc. No need to repeat this anymore.
    5. Play the game.

    But as I said if the DLC fix isn't for multi region I don't think it will work.

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    liamdonnelly Guest
    Guess I'm screwed.. Thanks for trying to help anyway. I'm going to just download skyrim game of the year edition I think lol.

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    Azrial Guest
    Easier option is to download the BLUS version of Skyrim, I don't think there's a GotY edition of Skyrim yet.

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