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    How to install dynamic themes on a JailBroken PS3?

    Hi there,

    Its possible install Dynamic Themes on a JailBroken PS3?

    I have used the PSN Demo Installer, but when I go to the theme settings it shows corrupted data, I tried to find what is wrong so, using the PS3 FTP Server I could find the dynamic themes with a extension: .p3t.edat (is that the real extension of this themes??)

    If someone have dynamic themes in a JailBroken PS3, please share with us your theme to see if it works


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    Yeah I also wanna know since I have a few dynamic themes already... would like to install the resident evil one... looks hot.

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    i also wanna know and where can i find heavy rain .. ?

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    I'd say google it as that's how I found most of mine... G. luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTluver View Post
    I'd say google it as that's how I found most of mine... G. luck.
    Hi, I tried already to search in google but I can't find anything, only static themes. May you help me?

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    This has been answered before, a simple search would have answered your question. Use the search button first next time.

    Not possible any longer, as Sony blocked installing retail PKG files around PS3 Firmware 2.4 unfortunately.

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