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Thread: How to install DLC 2.0 PES 2013 help?

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    nniitti Guest

    How to install DLC 2.0 PES 2013 help?

    please help i want to install DLC 2.0 PES 2013 on my ps3

    i don't know how

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    windrider42 Guest
    I don't have it, but I would guess like any DLC

    Install PKG file and if fixed that is all, or then install PKG Fix

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    nniitti Guest
    i have img. file and sfd file i put in usb like other files but my ps3 doesn't recognize it , i search but i cant find any video for my problem

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    windrider42 Guest
    It won't find it.

    You need a proper pkg install for DLC, or you need to know the proper File directory to put the files on PS3.

    I have not even seen DLC 2.0 PES 2013. I have seen other DLC.

    I would suggest that you check where you obtained this DLC for proper installation instruction.

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