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Thread: how to install 3.41 Hermes v4 help?

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    kimballwiggins Guest

    how to install 3.41 Hermes v4 help?

    hi! i am stationed in europe , but i have my trusty ps3 and with the help of ps3news members- was able to jailbreak it! now i want to go a step further and install the 3.41 Hermes v4 on it.

    i have no clue? can anyone help me, thanks a bunch and please keep up the good work!

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Install CFW 3.55 and try using the search button.

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    kimballwiggins Guest
    but i went through a bunch of hassle just to get it downgraded to 3.41.. i am using gaia now.

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    Natepig Guest
    It's best like the previous poster said to install cfw 3.55 and use the latest version of multiman. Consider the time you wasted downgrading to 3.41 a history lesson in ps3 jail breaking but follow this and you will be up to date:

    Install ofw 3.55 via usb stick

    Choose a cfw 3.55 and install it.

    Install latest version of multiman.

    Never look back.

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    kimballwiggins Guest
    thanks natepig! i am stationed in europe and will be onbase the whole day. i will try this out. thanks a bunch. which cfw do you like to recomend? that would help out a bunch! i think while in iraq i busted the usb0 port on the ps3 and had to have jumpers soldered to it to get the machine out of service mode (you can only use that usb0 port for that) - i was happy after it was all working. please let me know what cfw you think is great, ok? thanks, kimball

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    Natepig Guest
    It really depends on if you want to try to access playstation network with your hacked console. I have a second ps3 for online so I have no use for the various methods for getting online. I would suggest that you use Kmeaw 3.55 cfw, but if you really want to try to get online then give PS3ITA a try.

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