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    ps3love Guest

    How I backup before a firmware update


    How should I make a backup (dump) of PS3 before a firmware update, so in the future if possible do a downgrade.

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    Apr 2005
    You need an Infectus Mod-Chip to do it currently... check their Web site (http://www.infectus.biz/) for all the related details, software downloads, guides, forum help, etc.

    For reference, their tutorials are here: http://www.infectus.biz/tutorials.php

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    ps3love Guest
    Well i was looking for something that didn't involve opening up the PS3 and voiding the warranty I see i must wait a little more.

    I needed the DIVX playback capacity of 2.10 firmware i am currently at 1.97 that came from origin with the 40GB PS3

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