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Thread: How to hack a PS3 Slim with OFW 4.00 help?

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    JohnDoVaS12345 Guest

    How to hack a PS3 Slim with OFW 4.00 help?

    i searched the forums about this but nothing. no tutorials on how to downgrade a 4.xx OFC down to 3.55 so we can install a CFW and multiman. even if it's not able to happen nobody said it, so here i am again

    my friend has a PS3 with OFW 4.00. can i use 999 downgrader by REBUG to dowgrade back to 3.55 ? how? gimme a full tutorial please

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    o0 Mog 0o Guest
    You're not searching right mate. The only way you can downgrade a firmware higher than 3.55 is with a flasher, which involves opening the console and soldering. How you go about the downgrade will depend on the actual PS3 you have as they are not all the same.

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    n00bsauce Guest
    Nope, if your OFW (current) is above 3.55, you must have a hardware flasher. There is no way around it

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    racer0018 Guest
    The Cfw is above 3.55 right now. However the only way to install it on a ps3 is to be on 3.55. Now as stated before the only way to get your ps3 to that is with a hardware flasher. There is always the option to sell your ps3 and buy one that is below or on 3.55. Or you could send the ps3 off to someone that will downgrade it for you.

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    henkdejostie Guest
    you need to flash your console back to 3.55 and install 4.30 CFW or 3.55 CFW

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    JohnDoVaS12345 Guest
    alright thanks everyone. i guess we'll continue buying games. lol

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    racer0018 Guest
    No there is no way to do it without opening it. But there is a way to so it without soldering. The e3 will do this for you. Thanks.

    One more thing the clips can be a pain. If they are not set just right they will not work or give you a bad read. So make sure to have someone check the dumps. Thanks.

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