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Thread: how to get ps3 off demo mode help?

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    asianpandas Guest

    how to get ps3 off demo mode help?

    I just bought a ps3 from a friend, i really hope it is not stolen they assured me it was not, they gave me the code that i had to put in they also told me i could completely restore it (which i did) and it changed nothing. i really don't mind putting the code in every time, but i can't even connect it with my netflix account, and thats really bothering me.

    is there anything at all i can do? at least to watch netflix?

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    asianpandas Guest
    thank you very much, although i am very new at this and extremely confused. only one of them seemed to be of use if i can figure it out, my version has the 2297 code which is newer and none seem to work.

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    The Guest
    Hi, see THIS thread.

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