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Thread: how to get PS3 from 2.1 to JailBreakable Firmware?

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    lopaka311 Guest

    how to get PS3 from 2.1 to JailBreakable Firmware?

    how to get my PS3 from 2.1 to JailBreakable Firmware?

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    If your PS3 is on Firmware 2.10 now, it really depends on personal preference as to whether you want to go the JailBreak device route (most of which are based on you buying one, installing 2.41 Firmware and then JailBreaking the PS3 with them) or use one of the newer methods that may be a little more involved for some users but are free.

    If you let me know which direction you plan to go I will reply with some relevant article links to help you from there.

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    lopaka311 Guest
    well right now I'm trying to get my blu ray player to work after downgrading to 2.41 one of the suggested ways was to downgrade then upgrade again this is what I'm trying to do.

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    OK, for that the best article/fix I can suggest at the time is here:

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    lopaka311 Guest
    except I'm the third owner of this ps3 and I have no knowledge of what blu rays have been played on it and since some people have had lack getting their blu rays back by downgrading then up grading that is my current option.

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    DADDYFU91862 Guest
    If your still having the problem: you need to update your system (via a usb flash drive) to 3.41. You can find Sony's official 3.41 firmware on the net.

    Once you have 3.41 you will not get the "Unrecognized usb flash drive" on your PS3...

    There are new user's guides on how to get your JB to work on your PS3. But 1st things first you must update to 3.41 firmware.

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    Bulion Guest
    Try another flash drive. Maybe you must upgrade to higher 2.xx FW before 3.41.

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    lopaka311 Guest
    well I got it upgraded to 3.41 it didn't help my blu ray so I'm going to try the option to copy over the three files and see where that goes... I downloaded those files already but never found a tutorial on how to do that.

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