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    aanaskhan2003 Guest

    Question How to get out of factory/service mode 3.56?

    i was wondering if anybody could help me get my console back in retail mode,now when lv0 keys have been found.I am on OFW 3.56 stuck in factory/service mode!

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    some utter Guest
    I should imagine you need an e3 or alike , and flash it

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    aanaskhan2003 Guest
    e3 was out way before. i don't want to to do a hard flashing with it. i want to do it via software. Now the lv0 keys are out so what are the chances?

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    some utter Guest
    I'd say none , Opening the ps3 is easy , Get yourself a torx screwdriver set and do some reading , You'll have it done in a day if you put your mind to it. Don't be a defeatist , it can be fitted with a clip

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    aanaskhan2003 Guest
    my soldering skills sucks + don't have the money. Looking for Lv2diag.self signed for 3.56

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    technodon Guest
    that wont happen. only the 3.55 private key is known, the new 4.21 custom firmware was made with this key and sony fixed the sign failbug in 3.56 you will need a flasher to downgrade

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    Anger007 Guest
    i assume you didn't read the news that all the keys are now known (lvl0 private key) however we still cant run our own code, i still don't fully understand why but it should lead to the magic we have all been waiting for. its yet another waiting game.

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