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Thread: How to get GT5 prologue demo?

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    PS3isSick Guest

    How to get GT5 prologue demo?

    Hi i have the ps3 firmware version 2.41 and i was wondering how i can get the gt5 prologue demo. I have read and searched the site but the one sure way is unclear, can anyone tell me how?

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    magneto198 Guest
    you must download it off of PSN.

    its free, just go to demos section or browse by title and youll see it.

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    PS3isSick Guest
    it was removed.. its no longer there, im asking how to do it via proxy.

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    jonah1977 Guest


    where is this demo?

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    aldostools Guest
    Get the demo link from this thread:

    Use the PS3 Proxy Server method to install it using the following procedure:

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    katracho941 Guest
    Just go to the PS Store and look for Gran turismo HD concept.. its not under gran turismo prologue.

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    OnlineFire Guest
    You can use the proxy link or you can get it of a friends psn who has downloaded it before.
    Hope this helps mate. Ps3news rocks!

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    PS3hombrew103 Guest
    its only in the japanese store.. you have to get it either by making a japanese account or using a proxy server.

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