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Thread: How to get GOW3 working?

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    kylum Guest

    How to get GOW3 working?

    New to the jbscene on ps3. I have an old phat running 3.41. JB with iphone3g. I can't seem to get god of war running. I'm using the latest version of Gaia. Have tried alot of different payloads using zaxtrons front end. Same thing happens with all payloads. This is the first game I have tried to back up.

    It always comes up saying eboot.bin not found, with or without a disk in tray. I have moved eboot around to different said directories with no luck. The last time I tried to load the game I hit yes for fix permissions. Is that ok or do I have to retransfer the backup now.

    Any help on this would be great.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    put the game in the folder like this: dev_hdd/GAMEZ/BLES0009090

    where BLESxxxxxxx is the number of the game. I recommend using multiMan as this is the most stable loader there is today.

    Also make sure you have the latest payload for your iDevice!

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    clouduzz Guest
    Well, the method that works for me 100% is I use the Hermes 4B.. Cover Manager and folder as stated above^^ You do HAVE to play with a disc in the drive!

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    severusx Guest
    I second MultiMan. I am using the Hermes 4B payload and Multiman loading the game from the internal HD. I would recommend that you delete the game from the manager, and delete the manager itself since this is your first backed up game. Load MultiMan and backup the game to the internal HD. Insert another PS3 game into the drive and launch the game (do not use the direct launch option). Multiman will return you to the XMB and you can then select GoW3 from the game menu on the Disc icon. If this doesn't work let us know.

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    kylum Guest


    I'm an idiot. After all the testing and stuff. It all boiled down to the fact that I forgot to hit save when I edited the param.SFO. It's working great. Tested on multiman (I like this one over the rest), gaia and openbm.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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