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    Lightbulb How to get games larger than 7gb onto my internal hdd?


    i have various games that have one file larger than 4gb, e.g. killzzoe, red dead redemption etc. when i have the files on my computer, i go ahead and open ftp app on ps3. with filezilla i make the connection and i start transferring the game over.

    but when it reaches the large file (e.g. 7gb) and then finishes i'm left with a file only lets say 3gb big. i know these games work, where am i going wrong?

    thanks for reading.

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    I think its some limitation filezilla reading ps3 harddrive, i recall reading that it might show wrong size, but actually its ok, try download the file back and see if it goes way over 100% and if its the real size.

    so imho you ain't doing wrong just some "bug" reading ps3 harddrive!

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