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Thread: How to get console Id from a broken PS3 help?

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    eddyfalmaguer Guest

    How to get console Id from a broken PS3 help?

    I have a broken ps3 with a backup I made using progskeet. I will like to know how I can find the console id and psid from the backup I made by hooking my old broken ps3. I need the console Id and the psid to unban my another ps3. I was reading in this forum that it is possible to get the console Id from a backup. I will be glad if someone help me with this. Thank you

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    abdullah2320 Guest
    me too, i have broken ps3

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    eddyfalmaguer Guest
    Yes I know you have to use a hex editor to be able two find it, but where I'm stuck is how to find the console id using the hex editor. I hope someone help us with this soon.

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    mitsimatsimoto Guest
    i am not really sure what the ps3 id is, but you can find idps (for online services) in eEID and serial codes in cISD. maybe you mean mac address, but this i don't know

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    B 3 N Guest
    open a param.sfo of a save from yourself

    First at 0x140. The second offset address is somewhere in the file. Use Search and use the original value to perform a search.

    The Second ID is "console id" which always have 16 bytes and also is not on constant offset.

    this is true, i think it can help too.

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    eddyfalmaguer Guest
    I have a dump from my broke ps3 , it is a bin file. I still don't understand what I have to do to find the console id. I just open the bin file with the hex editor and find the 16 byte digit? But how I do it ? Can you explain step by step? Sorry I am very noobie at this point. Thanks

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