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    twitch Guest

    How to fully remove backup manager and all traces of it?

    Guys and gals I am sorry if this has been answered 100 times but i didnt come up with anything in a search. My issue is my friend installed the backup manager on my ps3 by accident and I would like it removed and all traces of it. Is this possible yet? if so what files do I need to edit or delete off my ps3 with the FTP app from CJPC?

    I didnt want it installed with out me editing it to make it look like something else and I was dumb for having it even on the usb stick with the ftp server to install.

    Thanks for any and all help with this +rep for you.

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    Transient Guest
    You can remove /dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345 by using the FTP.

    Some people speculate that the PS3 logs all games played (similar to the Wii) and then uploads that to Sony later on. If that exists, the location of it is not yet known as far as I'm aware, although it would no doubt be uncovered with time.

    If you're really concerned, you could backup your game saves and then reformat and do a factory reset to defaults. That doesn't guarantee that something wasn't stored in the Flash though.

    All that said, even if you ninja'd Backup Manager, there still is plenty for Sony to detect and log. For example, the 360 is hacked via the drive's firmware and yet MS can detect subtle changes such as disc loading speed. If you use the jailbreak, I think you should expect that it can be detected no matter what you try.

    The only 100% sure option is to stay offline. Pick up a second PS3 and use one for jailbreaking and the other for legitimate (ie. Sony sanctioned) use.

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    Field Guest
    What Transient said is correct and a great answer. Regarding the log files, I think that log file exists here -though might still need to be confirmed.

    To people who are looking for logs:

    -There is a log for each user, with the Launch ID's of each program/game that has been run in: /dev_hdd0/home/[user number]/etc/boot_history.dat
    -There are two files with the launch ID of the last run program/game in: /dev_hdd0/vsh/pushlist/ The ID is in both the game.dat and patch.dat file.

    Originally Posted by chaos theory: Another good idea I think is the open source jailbreak with apploader, which is able to load the homebrew straight of the USB, though I'm not sure if the Content ID is still logged or not.


    Still offline and even if possible disconnect the network port, just in case it calls home [though I'm not sure if this happens without logging in - but better to be safe than sorry]

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    twitch Guest
    Hey thanks. I was more worried about the default BM showing in logs as that is what sony will most likely look for first. I don't care so much after i do the EBOOT swap.

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