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    dekaspace Guest

    How to ftp without using internet or connecting to router?

    Ok found one guide online (but lost it again) that said set dns settings on pc and ps3 so you don't need a internet connection to enable ftp/ethernet on the ps3.

    And on here was told just to connect ps3 and pc to router, thing is though I have long cables I want to not use them since it means dragging loads of cables across room.

    I am using openftpps3.

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    Natepig Guest
    You should be able to directly connect the ps3 to the pc but you may or may not need a patch cable.

    You will have to also give both devices fixed ip addresses and set the ps3's gateway to the pc's ip address.

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    dekaspace Guest
    Sorted it, thanks for that I gave pc ip of and ps3 and set the "router" part of the settings to the one ending in 4.

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