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Thread: How to format PS3 help?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Like said above, but some PS3 don't need the Firmware on a USB again to reinstall, and some consoles you need to have the Firmware waiting on USB to reinstall. This is because of whether it be a Nand or NOR PS3, because some consoles store information in the Flash, not the hdd.

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    jacobjacob Guest
    oh, I did not understand this part) I understand that FW (4.50) can't be kept on the hard drive as it'll be deleted during the formatting.. does that mean it's kept in another place we don't have access to? is it some kind of flash memory or smth (as I understood)?

    I mean is it possible to find out whether your ps3 is nand or nor (letters nand and nor mean absolutely nothing to me, huh)?

    anyway, I think whether it nand or nor, it' better to restore ps3 system)

    oh, and also, does full formatting make the same effect as rebuilding the database? I mean, do I still need to rebuild the db after formatting is complete? thanks

    update: found this table about the consoles' types. mine is cech 3008b so it's NOR type.. what's that mean, I can't get it.

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    misiozol Guest
    Means nothing from your point of view , just do what you need format/restore and you'll be fine just carry on. Those things mean something only if you have ps3 on CFW and swapping hdd.

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    jacobjacob Guest
    huh, you know that does mean nothing for my decision, just trying to expand my background and satisfy my curiosity)

    forget everything said above, just one question: does the format utility save (preserve) the settings or they're restored and the system becomes "like the new one"?

    thanks for the help

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    windrider42 Guest
    Like I said in Post #6. The PS3 will be like new. All settings etc deleted. It will be like when you bought it.

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    jacobjacob Guest
    oh, I thought you said that about "restore ps3 system"

    thank you guys, I really appreciate your help

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    misiozol Guest
    Happy to help

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