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    [Answered] How to Format External HDD w/ ps3?

    Ok guys I need some help. I bought a WD 2TB external HDD. I hooked it up to my pc, formatted...Only option it gave me was to format it to NTSF or whatever it's called.

    I couldn't format it to FAT32. I didn't know I could format it w/ the ps3.

    Anyways...I transferred all my files from PC to external HDD...I go to connect it to the ps3...but the ps3 doesn't seem to recognize the hard drive when I plug it to ps3 via USB.

    What or how can I re-format it using the PS3? Any steps or tutorials would help. Thanks
    Best Answer - Posted by bluerein:

    use this to format it fat32:

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    Thnx... I'll try that and report back on how it goes...

    p.s. here's the link/place where I got and what HDD i got... if it helps any.

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    this worked for me on 1tb hard drive seagate - ntfs to fat32:
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    use compuapps swissknife v3, this good to use to format it.

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