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    How to flash Minimus AVR USB?

    How to flash Minimus AVR USB?

    The only tutorials I can find are for Maximus AVR USB.

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    From looking on their site they Minimus Avr Usb uses the ATMEL AT90USB162 chip so if you flash the hex for that using Atmel Flip then you should be done.

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    also it says you can use the Teensy Hex...

    Technical Notes:
    The MCU is AT90USB162
    The Board Type Has been designed to work as Teensy (Red + Green LED's) or you
    can also set it to work as USBKEY (Red + Green + Blue Led's)
    The Clock setting is 16000000

    Download: Minimus AVR USB

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    You need to use Teensy 1.0 hex, not Teensy ++/2.0 Hexs.

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