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    canalshare Guest

    How to fix a PS3 Slim brick?

    i boght an old PS3 slim with rogero 3.55 CFW (i think that it was downgraded to 3.55). i have put my ps3 in recovery mode then i have updated it with the 3.55 OFW, the ps3 complete the downloading of the firmware then when it reboot the PS3 shutdown after 6 seconds.

    when i restart it again it start for 6 second then it shutdown without any message on the screen and without any beep. please note that i can't enter to the recovery mode again and i don't have any dump from it.

    is there any fix of method to fix it? i have a second PS3 with an ofw 4.21 can i pick up a dump to try to recover it ?

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    This doesnt look good for you man. The reason you bricked the console is you didn't dehash before switching from rogero to ofw. You needed to toggle qa flag before switching to ofw. There are a couple ways to fix this problem, but both would require a hardware flasher which i am assuming you do not have.

    You have a few choices. You can try and get the original bios dump from whoever you got the system from, but you still need to flash them to the system via hardware flasher. Or you can hook up a hardware flasher and see if you can still get a bios dump from it, and then patch them, which also requires a hardware flasher. Or you can send it to someone who does downgrading/ unbricking service and let them give it a go.

    Most services wont charge you unless they can fix it, but it will cost you shipping both ways either way. Let me know how you want to proceed and I will see if i can help you out. Most importantly, DO NOT try and use bios from another console or you WILL have a permabrick on your hands. It would be nothing more than a parts unit if you do, as NO ONE on this earth would be able to fix it if you flash bios from another console.

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    technodon Guest
    you need an e3, solder the nor tristate wire. put the first switch and the 3rd switch up on the flasher and all the rest down, press start and the console should make a nor backup. check your backup is good with flowrebuilder then apply the dowgrader patches from wiki reflash your console and it should be good. expensive fix though..

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    jmuckey2 Guest
    hey technodon good to see you back anyway it is pretty much the only fix he has to his disposal and if he wants the diversity that the e3 provides such as dual boot and perhaps more importantly brick recovery which is awesome then expensive or not is the way to go

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