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Thread: How far have we come

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    cfwprophet Guest
    no you dont understand. Its not that they have to found the right motivation its more than the ps3 is a monster in all terms. Also in security. In case with the Wii, the Wii will be only childs place but the ps3 will need 30 of 20 year old vetīs to get cracked in time of a half year.

    So you totally do not understood any thing about hacking the ps3 and how it is a pain in the neck to get the system customized.

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    overclock Guest
    It's not a dream. With the ability to dump firmware, modify and reflash signed firmwares. It's closer than you think. Another year and the PS3 will be like the PSP when it comes to custom firmware and homebrew. A complete multimedia hombrew center. I would love to see XBMC ported to the ps3.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    its a little bit more than modify and reflash signed fw. You couldn sign the fw !!! You can recalculate the ECC not SIGN the fw. If hackers haved the ability to sign the fw a cfw would be appear in time of 2 maybe 3 weeks. With the ECC regeneration code freaks like me love to say "sign the fw" but thats not the correct meaning of it.

    So with the new flow rebuilder we could sign the fw with the new fresh generated ecc but not sign the fw self. understand?
    It's closer than you think.
    You know what i think?... sure..

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    ez345 Guest
    all this time and work put into opening up the ps3 is just gonna make it all the sweeter when its done... the possiblities will be endless!

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