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    how to downgrade ps3 firmware?

    did anyone know how to downgrade the firmware??

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    This details how to do it with Infectus, which is the only way at the moment:

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    Downgrading with the Infectus 2 doesn't work since 2.20 firmware :-(

    So we are ...... for the moment.

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    I've noticed the same problem with 2.20 firmware. I hope there's a work around released soon!

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    Myself and another member here confirmed 2.10 wont downgrade. And it may even be a problem with 2.01

    Not sure if anyone still has infectus in a lower firmware console than 2.10 right now to confirm.

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    firmware downgrade

    i'm running 2.8 and want to downgrade to 2.7

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    Quote Originally Posted by tha1don View Post
    i'm running 2.8 and want to downgrade to 2.7
    You can't downgrade your fırmware sınce at least the 2.20 fw update or below even.

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