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    Question [UnAnswered] How do you play your own loaded music during game play?

    I was messing with my ps3 and loaded a audio cd to the ps3 it worked great but i could seem to figure out how to play it during game play.... Is it certain game you can do this with?

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    i dont believe any games yet have been developed to use this feature, i herd that ridge racer might but never got to try it. 1 thing you can do is it hit the PS button while playin music an u can navigate menus while music is playing, allowing you to check msgs,web browse and also display your slideshows you might want to try an boot some games this way. the PS button works the same for pics an movies as will allowing you to check msgs while movie is playing for example.

    The 1 other control i like is when displaying music visuals or photo album slideshow the right analog stick controls speed and direction.

    i know with the psp we had to wait for developers to include the custom tracks feature and when it came down to it. it was GTAs and we had to use a specific software program to convert the files so the game would recognize them.hopefully we will see games recognizing just our mp3s
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    Sony said they're going to release a firmware update in March that allows for more varied multi-tasking with the console. So I think this might mean you can listen to imported music while you play your games much in the same of how the Xbox 360 does it.

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    I hope so... That the one thing i wanted ps2 to do but i never did that is what i loved about xbox the only perhabs lol , kinda xbox hater

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    actually as of now u can in some games. u have to have the latest update that sony released and took down so u prob have to wait until the release it again or grab it from the site downloads.. but yea, and the games have to be patched from either 3rd parties or official from sony/game devs.


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    Currently you can only use the feature with games that support custom soundtracks. Games that support this are Superstardust HD, the Bowling game and Burnout with the future patch.

    There was no way for Sony to be able to detect the programing and replace the music of all the games. The only thing they could do is cut all sound from games and replace it with music. Future games need to make use of the custom soundtrack API to use your own music.

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    I know Pain and the Bowling game works with custom music, but they might of worked before 2.40.

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    The custom music did work before 2.4. With Stardust and the new 2.4, I was expecting the ability to just got to the XMB and select play on whatever music I wanted with the custom music selected. I was not able to do this as it said you had to quit the game to play music. The only way to use custom music is to still go through the ingame menu and select "custom music" and click an album or playlist.

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    Yeah, we have to wait for the games to be patched but i think the actual non-Sony games won't have the patch as they are already working on new titles and will not loose any of their time just to give a little sugar bonus... unfortunately.

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    none of the games support this yet. i think i heard one of the first to do it would be burnout.

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