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    341841 Guest

    How do you play PS2 games on a 160GB Slim PS3?

    I have moved to China and left my 40GB PS3 in England and because of my stupidity I brought a Slim 160GB PS3. This PS3 is JailBroken and currently on 3.41. Is there a way to Play PS2 games from my HHD or an ISO

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    barrybarryk Guest
    nope not yet, there maybe an emulator in a while but for now there is no way to even play ps2 originals on a non backwards compatible console.

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    Jes03 Guest
    I believe there isn't a way to play them on the 40GB either so your SOL at playing any PS2 games on either console.

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    Bulion Guest
    At now there is no way to run PS2 game on 3rd Generation PS3. Maybe programmers write emulator or get if from 2nd Generation PS3 but for now is nothing to do my friend

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